ionisation virus: It may be possible to capture coronavirus from the air with the help of an ionisation unit. Lennart Svensson, Linköping University’s professor of molecular virology, has his hand assail checking the techniques on the latest coronavirus that is currently spreading massive fear around the world.

“A vaccine are going to be developed, but it’s going to take several years. Approximately 80% of the event period is employed for testing the vaccine to make sure its quality and avoid undesired effects. And it’s possible that the virus can die out of itself during this era .”

We believe that ready to “> we will be first to be able to diagnose patients with coronavirus in Central America. it might be naïve to believe that the virus isn’t present in certain parts of the planet just because no cases are reported.

Actually, this is often because it’s not been possible to diagnose it. We took chemical reagents with us, established the diagnostic procedures, and trained the personnel.