How to propagate lambs ear: The best way is to gather and sow seed. By collecting seed we produced over 300 plants very quickly.

Lamb’s ear may be a great plant , it forms a striking mat of sentimental grey foliage. In late spring into summer it’ll produce many flower spikes that bees just adore.

The grey foliage is extremely soft to the touch and is formed considerably sort of a lamb’s ear.

It’s a wonderful addition to a garden where kids play as it’s soooo soft. Just confirm you warn them about bees! It creates a superb dense ground cover that helps to suppress unwanted weed growth.

Collect the seed
Lamb’s ear will flower in late spring and throughout summer. Towards the top of autumn, the spent flower heads are going to be looking old and dry, this is often once we harvest the seed.

Most folks will remove these to form the plant looking fresh and new again. Within these flower heads are many seeds. Read More