How to polish aluminium: While plunging headlong into things is usually required, most of the time it’s better to require on challenges one step at a time. this is often the case within the mechanical world of automobiles. Examples abound. Tightening the lug nuts on a wheel. Using the right sequence of torque while cinching down a plate onto a cylinder block.

Even something as mundane as getting a car or truck paint job to shine on a Sunday afternoon requires careful steps. Rinse. Wash. Dry. Wax. Buff. When it involves putting a mirror polish to aluminium wheels, an equivalent holds true. Each step of the method brings the aluminium closer to a proud shine.

You will get to remove any coating if any on whatever you’re finishing. For my wheels, they did have a transparent coat applies which needed to be stripped. Next make sure the item is clean, free from any dirt, grease, or debris which may jeopardize the polishing process.

Depending on the aluminium’s finish will depend upon what sandpaper is required to start out out with. Any porous casting will need maybe a very coarse grit to chop down the high spots like 160 grit. Considering we are working with aluminium, there are health risks related to the dust, so to scale back the dust, use wet sanding. This aluminium is in fine condition, I’ll use 400 grit just in case the surface is mildly uneven. Read More