How to grow plumeria cuttings: Plumeria may be a tropical and subtropical angiosperm that’s very fashionable for its fragrance and for its use in making leis.

Plumeria is often grown from seed, but it also can be propagated extremely well from cuttings. Keep reading to find out more about the way to grow plumeria cuttings.

Plumeria Cutting Propagation Rooting plumeria from cuttings is extremely easy. a few weeks before you propose to plant, you ought to harden off your cuttings. to try to do this, you’ll either take your cuttings from the plant or just cut a deep notch within the spot you propose to form your cut. Your plumeria plant cuttings should be between 12 and 18 inches (30-46 cm.) long.

Either way, you ought to wait every week after this step before you plant. this provides the newly cut ends time to callus, or harden off, which helps to stop the infection and encourage new root growth.

If you remove the cuttings from the plant immediately, store them for every week during a shady place with good air circulation.