How to get nail polish off without remover: There are many reasons you’ll get to remove nail enamel. The gorgeous manicure or pedicure you had a couple of days or weeks ago is beginning to look drab. otherwise, you may have accidentally smeared polish on your skin or favourite shirt.

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Acetone and non-acetone nail enamel removers are the gold standard for beginning polish, and they’re considered safe to use in small amounts. However, there are some household products you’ll try, too.

Keep in mind that tons of those DIY home removal methods aren’t backed by research, but they’ll be worth trying if you’re during a pinch. Keep reading to find out about all of your options, also as safety precautions.

When over-the-counter (OTC) nail enamel remover is undesirable or out of reach, here are some methods that you simply an attempt to break down you polish and restore your nails.

Applying and immediately removing new nail enamel
You may find that applying a transparent coat of latest nail enamel and quickly wiping it off helps soften and take away the old polish. Though this is often anecdotal, if you’re out of OTC nail enamel remover, you’ll find this does the trick. Read More

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