How to fix undercooked mashed potatoes: My favourite a part of Thanksgiving? A plate piled high with fluffy, rich mashed potatoes. (Truth be told, this is often my favourite a part of any meal, any day, any time of the year!) Unfortunately, we’ve all had that side of mashed potatoes that falls droopy and dull. Even worse? A gooey, gluey mess. mention disappointing!

Well, today is your lucky day. As a former restaurant chef, I’m an expert in making mashed potatoes. There’s no big secret to creating this entremots shine. But there are mistakes to avoid.

Mistake 1: Using the incorrect potato
There are two sorts of potatoes: waxy and starchy. Which makes the higher masher? Starchy—100 per cent of the time. Waxy varieties (like white- or red-skinned potatoes) can become gummy when mashed and don’t absorb the maximum amount of buttery-cream flavour.

What to try to instead: Use a starchy potato, sort of russet or Yukon Gold. They’re low in moisture, high in starch and break right down to become fluffy when cooked. Read More

6 Mistakes That Ruin Mashed Potatoes (and How to Fix Them ...