How to fix a tent zipper: Zippers have a bent to fail randomly moments. Since most tent doors employ zippers, it’s an entire lot of trouble if one fails during camping.

I’m getting to suggest some tried and tested tips to persuade a tent zipper into working again. Many of the ideas on the way to fix a tent zipper work for normal zippers also, so this might be useful beyond its use in only tents.

Caring For Your Tent Zipper
Some care is best than tent zipper repair. I’m not suggesting that you simply bend over backwards with tender loving look after the tent, but responsible use and maintenance goes an extended way.

Keep The Zipper Clean
Dirt, dust, and sand can find their way into the zipper. this stuff getting caught within the zipper teeth will eventually cause problems. the simplest answer is to stay the zipper teeth clean. this will be through with the regular maintenance of the tent. It’s also an honest place to start out if you notice a drag.