How to dry nail polish quick: Nothing ruins a reasonable manicure or pedicure sort of a smudge. Or three. Fooled by the shininess of its glossy coat, you thought your polish was completely dry, but you learned the hard way it had been not.

Short on time because you’re thanks to head out for an honest time, you are trying to hide it up with another coat. it’s worse. So, you opt to rub it off with polish remover and begin the work everywhere again. After a couple of quick strokes with the comb , you nod in approval at yourself then whip out the hand blower .

Yes! you’ll still be ready to make it out the door on time without your toes or fingernails looking busted.

Many folks are impatient when it involves waiting on nail enamel to dry smoothly, whether it’s at the salon or reception . Air drying is good , a hand blower is serviceable, but we’re here to inform you that there are other options.

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Cooking Spray
Pic of Pam cooking spray bottles.Jeepers Media via Flickr
Grab a bottle of Pam or another cooking spray and hold it 6 to 12 inches faraway from your hands before spraying. confirm to coat your wet nails and wait a few minutes before checking for dryness. wipe off excess oil. Read More

Tips to Make Nail Polish Dry Faster