Homemade nail polish remover: I’m a diehard fan of nail enamel but I almost never wear it. the most important reason? That gross nail enamel remover that comes with it. My mom always taught me that no polish is best than chipped polish, and zip gets obviate flaky tips quite like acetone polish remover.

There are DIY nail enamel remover alternatives—cheap, natural ones—that you almost certainly have already got available (pun totally intended). Here’s the way to remove nail enamel without nail enamel remover.

Before we dive in, let’s mention nail enamel remover for a second. What makes it so nasty? Well, it comes right down to acetone and its cousins, butyl acetate, ester and isopropyl acetate.

Acetone is most frequently used as a paint thinner – and that’s exactly what makes it so effective for removing nail enamel . But it’s also super harsh, especially when it comes in touch with skin.

Sporadic use can cause skin to become red and irritated. But chronic exposure removes tons of natural oils from your skin, resulting in red, dry, cracked fingers and toes. It’s also been shown to cause headaches, dizziness and eye and throat irritation if you employ it in an indoor space. Read More