Cleaning process often takes a lot of time and energy, even after we learned to do that for years. Today we are here with 23 Brilliant Cleaning Ideas for you that will surely help you to clean your home easily.

Clean A Wooden Cutting Board

Sanitize the wooden cutting board by rubbing it using coarse salt and the cut side of a lemon. Details

Cleaning Your Sofa

Sprinkle the baking soda all over the sofa and let that sit for an hour to absorb any odors. Details

Clean an Oven

Get your oven clean use vinegar and baking soda. Details

Remove Paint From Clothes

Simply shave the pills off your hoodie using this method. Details

Remove Hard Water Stains

Rub the lemon half on the areas affected. Let the juice sit on there for five to ten minutes. Details

Clean the windows

Mix 1 Tbsp borax in a cup full of warm water. Transfer the mixture to a spray bottle and spray on the windows. Details

Vent Covers

Clean all the little slats in your vent in no time. Details

Clean Your Cast Iron Pan

Sea salt works as an abrasive and is quite efficient for cleaning iron pan. Details

Clean Your Toilet

Coca-Cola is a great replacement for all toxic, chemical filled cleaners. Details

Electric Stove Burners

Remove your burners and wipe them down with dish soap and a damp cloth. Details

Glass Cooktop

Sprinkle a thick layer of baking soda on your glass cooktop. Details

Cloth Couches

Use a stiff brush to brush the couch fabric. Sprinkle some baking soda over it. Details

Clean a wooden cutting board

Rub them down with some coarse salt to take all the odor and germs out of them. Details

Cover up Scratches on Leather Furniture

Dab some olive oil onto a cotton cloth and rub it into the scratched area using a light, circular motion. Details

Clean Your Computer

Catch the dust without leaving behind any fibers like paper towels would.  Details

Clean showers and tubs

Take some borax in a damp cloth and scrub it on the tubs and showers. Details

Clean your dishwasher

Simply you need to do is clean your dishwasher using lemonade kool aid. Details

Remove Water Rings From Wooden Surfaces

Remove water ring marks by using the hot air from your hair dryer and refresh the wood with olive oil.

Clean a Bathtub

Grapefruit and salt to scrub your bathtub will do a good job of cleaning away dirt. Details

Clean Lamp Shades

The fastest and easiest way to clean your lampshades. Details

Clean your stainless steel sink

When your sink is dry, sprinkle in a little flour and with a cloth, polish the steel. Details

Clean your iron

Simply make another mixture of vinegar and baking soda and apply it while the iron is off. Details

Toilet Cleaning Bombs

It saves you the struggle of cleaning your toilet in no time. Details