Get every corner of your kitchen to its maximum shine potential with these 21 brilliant kitchen cleaning tips!

 Make Your Sink Look Shiny

Clean your sink the easy way with this amazing tutorial that makes use of baking soda, a little bit of scrubbing, and water. Details

Clean range hood grease filter

Soak the range hood grease filter in a sink full of water and water-based degreaser. Details

Clean your stove vents

Two things you will need, a big pot and some baking soda. Details

Clean Your Greasy Cabinets

Use these instructions for using dish soap, baking soda, and vinegar to get them back in shape. Details

Coca Cola Cleaning

Try this because Coca Cola being a good cleaning agent. Details

Clean a Self Cleaning Oven

Clean a self cleaning oven without using the self cleaning in less time. Details

Garbage disposal tablets

Fill each cup with distilled white vinegar then place the pan into the freezer. Details


Amazing tutorial on how to clean your refrigerator coils. Details


Simply rub with a dryer sheet to prevent future dust from collecting. Details


Clean your dirty and grime dishwasher in few minutes. Details

Clean the Grout

Just mix 1/2 cups baking soda, 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide, and 1/2 tsp dish soap to totally clean it. Details

Clean Gunk and Grime from Kitchen Cabinets

Keep your clean cabinets looking gorgeous with this amazing hack. Details

clean your coffee grinder

Simply take a handful of uncooked rice and run it through your coffee grinder and wipe clean with a microfiber cloth or paper towel. Details

Clean Oven Racks

Simply need dryer sheets, dish soap, and a bathtub large enough to fit your oven racks. Details

Clean an Oven Window

Clean your oven window on the inside with no harsh chemicals. Details

clean dirty sheet pans

Pour warm water over the dryer sheets and let the pan sit for close to 3 hours. Details

Granite Countertops

Simple and gentle granite cleaner that will make your countertops sparkle. Details

Clean With Toothpaste

All of these hacks are using regular paste toothpaste, not gel. Details

Garbage Disposal Refreshers

Make your own homemade garbage disposal refreshers that work like a boss. Details

Clean Your Dishwasher

Using vinegar and baking soda to get your dishwasher’s interior as good as new. Details

Clean Spills

Get some flour and sprinkle it over the wreckage to clean it. Details