Make your life easier with these genius hacks. Simplify cleaning and have more time doing the things you enjoy.

Clean a Rusty Cast Iron Skillet

This trick will return your rust-covered iron skillet to its former beauty. Details

Clean Your Window Track

This simple hack stops dirty windowsills dead in their tracks with only two ingredients. Details

Clean The Grates Of Your Stove Burners

Using some ammonia to clean them. Details

Homemade Toilet Cleaning Bombs

These three-ingredient cleaning cubes are the bomb. Details

Kitchen Cleaning Hack

A hack that will help you keep both your fridge and your kitchen fresh and nice. Details

Clean And Deodorize A Microwave

This simple hack combines everyday household items to restore your go to appliance. Details


This idea is brilliant! I hate when all the dust falls to the floor. Details

clean your toilet

Remove the dirty water ring from a toilet using baking soda and vinegar. Details

Quick Blender Cleaning Hack

Quickest and most efficient tip to clean your blender. Details

Clean Your Dirty Pans

Remove all the grease and the baked-on food debris from your pan. Details

DIY Carpet Stain Remover

Mix Dawn soap and hydrogen peroxide for an all-star carpet cleaner. Details

DIY Drain Cleaner

This process should loosen any dirt and gunk you have in your drain. Details

Clean Shower Door Tracks

Paper towels soaked in vinegar along the shower door tracks, and leave them there for 30 minutes. Details

Clean Your Crockpot

Remove all the dirt and grime from your crockpot. Details

clean the Sink Disposal

Use ice and lemon to do the trick! Details

Copper Pots Cleaner

Keep your copper pots shiny, clean and bacteria free. Details

Deep Clean a Mattress

All you need is baking soda, essential oil and a vacuum cleaner. Details

Clean Your Washer & Dryer

Squirt bottle place 1 part vinegar and 10 parts water. Details

Diamond Ring Cleaner 

Five minutes would probably have been enough to clean it. Details