To get you motivated on your spring cleaning, all you need are these fantastic DIY tips and tricks. We’ve got a trick for every corner of your home.

Descale your coffee maker

Let the solution brew halfway, then stop and let sit for 30 minutes before completing the cycle. Details

Ceiling Fan Cleaning

Cover the blades with a pillowcase one by one. Then shake the dust off the pillowcase! Details

Clean Your Fabric Couch

Freshen up your sofa with this DIY natural fabric cleaner recipe and a vacuum. Details

Cleaning Mattresses

Cleaning a mattress is an easy 3-step procedure: vacuum, add baking soda, dry in the sun. Simple and effective. Details

Fix Scratches On Wood

Fix scratches on wood has been one of the most useful life hacks. Details

Tub Scrubbing Hack

Upcycling a power tool into a scum-eradicating cleaning tool. Details

Repair Damage To Porcelain

Encouraging everyone using the plates not to use the knife too brusquely. Details

Get Nail Polish Out

This cleaning tip helped me get nail polish out of tile in no time. Details

Restore your shower pressure

Tie the bag around the shower head to immerse the holes in the solution and secure with a twist tie. Details

Clean Your Stovetop Burners

A quick cleaning tip that gets rid of grunge minutes before your in-laws get in town. Details

Shower Head Cleaning

Clean your faucets and shower heads in minutes with this easy cleaning hack. Details

DIY Coffee Cleaning

So grateful to whoever first came up with a DIY natural cleaner for coffee makers. Details

sneakers bright again

Get your white tennis shoes to their just-out-of-the-box state by hand washing with a mild soap and water. Details

Mattress Smell Like New

This easy DIY cleaning product recipe and a couple vacuum swooshes. Details

DIY Washing Machine Cleaning 

This easy cleaning tip and cleaning solution recipe will blow you away with the results. Details

Clean a Microwave

Put the wipe in the microwave at least power for 30 seconds. Details

Make your own carpet cleaner

Mix one tablespoon clear dish soap and one tablespoon white vinegar with two cups of warm water. Details

Clean the sink

Grab a denture cleaning tablet, open the cover, and drop it in the hot water in the sink. Details

Clean A Dirty Microwave

Clean a dirty microwave in 5 minutes with just a few things a bowl, vinegar, water, and a sponge. Details

Clean Your Windshield and Car Windows

Keep your windshield clean and clear by using baby wipes. Details