Today we have collected 19 easy DIY craft ideas that are super easy, cute and take less time to make.

Paper Windmill

This windmill summer craft idea is not fun to make, but also a great tool to help teach about the wind. Details

DIY Glitter Mouse Pad

Bring some fun touches to the desk style by glittering up the mousepads along with some paint. Details

Decorative Sign

Grab a glue gun, and mod melt gold melting sticks and just write a custom word or notation on your selected wooden sign. Details

DIY Elephant Craft

Double up the fun of your kids by doing this elephant craft. Details

DIY Decorate A Mason Jar Bank

A super cute and fun idea of creating these mason jar money banks for the kids and that too on their own. Details

Perfect Slime

Make the perfect slime now at home and let your kids have some fun time playing with it. Details

DIY Photo Gift Box

All you need a wooden box and a zigzag brag book of pictures to make this perfect photography gift. Details

DIY Donuts Straw Umbrellas

A quirky touch to your party drinks and the whole decor too. Details

DIY Mason Jar Superhero

Create the most amazing and cute mason jar money banks for shelves to save their coins in. Details


This is a great summer craft project for kids of all ages. Details

Starfish Craft

Create a beautiful starfish craft in no time. Details

Easy Watermelon Slime

Easy Watermelon Slime for kids to make this summer. Details


An amazing art experience for kids of all ages. Details

Popsicle Resist Art

You only need 3 ingredients and about 5 minutes to make this recipe. Details

Glue Gun Snowflakes

Grab your glue gun and make beautiful snowflakes on a parchment paper. Details

Unicorn Planter

This adorable little plant pot is super easy to make, and is certainly made to impress your loved one. Details

Paper Roll Bunnies

Try making a few more paper roll bunnies in different colors. Details


Love to making this cool slime and will be your favorite one of all. Details