Are you searching cleaning ideas for your home that are easy, cheap and are affordable. We collected 17 best DIY cleaning ideas that you must try at home at once.

1. Naturally Clean Slipcovers

Wash your slipcovers in cold water with your detergent of choice and Super Washing Soda. Details

2. Dust Your Electronics

Quick dusting and forget buying the expensive dusting supplies at the store. Details

3. Clean Your Toilets

Easy way to clean your toilet without harsh chemicals. Details

4. Remove Hard Water Deposits

Best trick to remove 10 years of hard water deposits in 15 minutes. Details


Transformed your nasty, dirty oven over night with this amazing product. Details

6. Spot Cleaning Carpet

Portable cleaner and it works just as awesome. Details

7. Stained Fabric to Perfection

Use of white vinegar help your to clean ink stains. Details

8. Clean Oil Stains From Furniture Upholstery

The process will work great with fresh oily stains. Details

9. Cleaning Oven Racks in the Bathtub

Simple and easy way to clean your oven racks with tinfoil and a bathtub is a win-win situation. Details

10. Cleaning Yellowing Pillows

1/2 cup of vinegar, A natural cleaner, breaks down stains, and fabric softener. Details

11. Cleaning Jewelry

Clean your favorite jewelry in just few minutes. Details

12. Get Rid of Black Mold

Wash your shower curtain in salt when you first buy it and you will never have mold. Details

13. Clean an Old Porcelain Enamel Bathtub or Sink

Cleaning up a newly purchased vintage tub or sink, pour warm water into a bucket and add 1/4 cup of baking soda and 1/4 cup of ammonia. Details

14. Clean an Area Rug With Steam

Through this idea in a few minutes your rug will looked much cleaner. Details

15. Clean Your Tub & Tile

Mineral deposits on your shower head or tile? Use baking soda & white vinegar. Details

16. Make Your Own Garbage Disposal Tablets

Combine citrus, citrus rinds, essential oils, and vinegar in ice cube trays. Then freeze best garbage tablets. Details

17. Removing Tarnish Naturally

Grab some baking soda and boiling water helps you to remove tarnish easily. Details

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